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Gene has been operating in multiple capacities in the Real Estate and Business industries since 2007. His technology background coupled with his love of design assist him in creating some of the most creative and cutting edge marketing campaigns in the industry.

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Everybody dreams. Everyone thinks about what is would be like to be able to “fire” their boss and run their own lives. Well, it is possible! Do you have a business idea that you would like to confidentially bounce off someone?

"Gene is a man with a vision - a high-definition vision - that embraces new technology and provides his customer base with a unique real estate experience. As a narrator for many of his videos, I look forward to receiving assignments from Gene and I enjoy interacting with him on various projects. There will always be Motown-style brotherly love for my man in Philly!"

− John Zadikian

"Gene is a person of integrity. He is a person concerned with the best interest of others. I am proud to know Gene and consider him a friend."

− Dr. Ron Eccles

"Take a moment to look at your life and ask yourself: Who am I around? What do they have me becoming? And most important: Is that okay? If you are fortunate enough to know Gene you know he is a person of integrity, leadership, communication, loyalty and family. Being around Gene has allowed me to become successful, and that is okay with me."

− Darren Patton