Architect Your Marketing in Reverse

By April 22, 2017 Blog, General

Most people want to start their marketing from the bottom up. What I’m about to tell you should turn that on its head, and make you think about marketing from the top down. I had a sit down with a potential client today, and the conversation quickly shifted to her target audience, or more specifically, her IDEAL client. Most people get caught up in the different types of medium and all the confusion that mastering each one of them can cost. Just navigating Facebook ads by itself can be an arduous task, and can take hours of your life away at a time.

I am here to tell you that if that sounds like you, you are doing it backwards.

My contention is that you first need to focus on your target audience for your perfect client. For example, look over your last six months of business and see what demographic of people or business brought you the most amount of money with the least amount of work. I would argue that they are your “perfect client”.

Once you understand that element, the next step is to find out what that demographic wants to see, hear, taste, feel and consume. At that point, you should create multiple lead magnets to give that target demographic exactly what they want. Over and over again.

From that point on, and only from that point on, should you start to focus on the medium to get that content in front of your target audience. If most of your social clout and the majority of your perfect client-types reside on Facebook, then you should get very acclimated with the Facebook ads manager and using it to advertise those lead magnets specifically to the type of person you are looking to do business with.

It sounds overly complicated, but it isn’t. Here is a quick checklist:

♦ Determine your money making client – In a perfect world this is MOST MONEY + LEAST AMOUNT OF WORK

♦ Figure out where their eyeballs live, i.e. where do they spend the most of their time looking (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)

♦ Now create some GREAT information that they would want (ideally, NEED) to consume. This content should be created into as many of these marketing “assets” as possible: video, multiple shorter videos, ebook, blog, social posts, audio files, video blogs. For some of the best assets, require “key access” to get them. In other words, an email address.

♦ Create a landing page for your perfect client to access/download that content after they have provided their email address. (As a side note, this is where the Facebook Pixel would reside to ensure that you can RE-market (AKA retarget) to that audience over and over again.)

♦ Create multiple ENTICING ads (yes paid, and think A/B split testing, etc.) on the platform identified 3 steps above to get them to the landing pages.

♦ Repeat

♦ BONUS STEP – Create a second PERFECT CLIENT audience and follow the process above again.

Again, this approach is simple. Map it out on paper and then work each element from that “mind-map”. Rinse and Repeat. Obviously, this can be time consuming, but if executed properly can certainly make your time worthwhile.

Thanks for reading. Please contact me to let me know how it works for you.




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