Daddy, Will You Be at My Wedding?

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paul bunyan crossfitIt all started about 18 months ago. My oldest daughter, about 6 years old at the time, and I were talking about how and when I married her mommy. We discussed the awesome party and the church and the family and the…….well, you get the idea. She is very chatty normally, and was so during this conversation. Then she stopped; “Daddy, will you be at my wedding?”

I laughed nervously. Then I thought about my 14 hours a day of sitting behind a desk. And how I was now 5’8″ and 212 pounds at 36 years old. Not to mention the 180/120 blood pressure being handled by Lisinopril.

“Yeah, I’ll be there.”

There are so many things that helped me get to the point of feeling better and knowing that I WILL now certainly be at my daughter’s wedding. Ed Fordyce and Tony Horton (of P90x fame) are two people that helped me in the beginning when I was reluctant to start or wanted to quit. There are many more. But this post is about something different. This post is about Crossfit.

Now, relax. I am not going to go on a sales binge and try to convince you why YOU should do Crossfit. This is simply about my experience. Bear with me. There is a handsome man in a video at the end of this post (no, I am sorry to disappoint you: the handsome man is NOT me).

I have always been afraid of Crossfit. When you talk to all the wrong people, there are a billion reasons as to why it is no good for you. You’ve seen it on ESPN. Those women would outwork me. Forget about the men.

You know what else is no good for you? Doing nothing and staying 210 pounds with high blood pressure. I had two options. I made the move. Enter, Paul Bunyan………

It was early July and there was a sign a couple miles from my house. “Opening in July”, it said. I pulled in. To my relief, construction work was still being done, which meant I wouldn’t have to make a decision that day, so I moseyed in to see what was going on. The head of the construction crew told me that they were a week away from completion, but that he could get me on the phone with the owner. Ball buster that I am, I obliged. The conversation with Ryan that ensued didn’t go the way that I anticipated. He was honest, calm, excited to talk to me even. A sales tactic? Possibly, but I was intrigued.

Fast forward to about a week later and I saw Ryan in the local Starbucks. He wanted to know what my number one priority was if I were to join. That’s easy……..I CANNOT get hurt. I work for myself and it is very hard to make money from bed. He assured me that I wouldn’t and that he had some top notch guys that were running things.

I will write in more detail in the coming weeks about different elements of my Paul Bunyan experience, because certain things deserve a little more attention. I hope that I haven’t bored you so far with too much back story. The point of the matter is that this post was spawned by a new video that the boys just launched in support of their 4 month old gym (it’s called a box in the Crossfit world). Watching this video for the 3rd time in a row, I sit here wishing that I could get there to workout right now, even though it is 1205AM.

I digress. Cameron Walker is the handsome man in the video that I referred to above (see video below). Ryan and Jordan, equally as handsome, also deserve some love here too. These guys foster an atmosphere that has developed and strengthened me beyond my wildest dreams, and I am only 3 months in. They have me doing handstands (which I think is more about their entertainment than my strength, but I’ll look the other way on that one). They have become friends, someday business partners. I have 60+ new friends from being there 32 times in the last 60 days (at least that’s what Foursquare tells me, the Mayor of Paul Bunyan). “Shared suffering”, they call it. Some days I just show up to hang for ten minutes and chat with the people there. It is that much fun.

For the record, my blood pressure is WAAAAYYYY down. I am eating much better because of the amount of work I am putting in. I think that my wife will kill me if I watch another slow motion, how-to snatch video on YouTube. I don’t care, I love it. I cannot wait to get better tomorrow. Maybe I’ll see you at the box.

Check out the new Paul Bunyan Video here.

Check out the box here: CLICK

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