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Facebook Face Recognition

Did you know that this was a thing?

I just had a long conversation with the attendees at one of my last speaking engagements about how Facebook has more information on you than any other company or entity out there. It is great for being able to predict what I like, what I want, where I stand and what I enjoy doing. The amount of data allows for companies to serve me content that doesn’t waste my time.

For me, it is an OK trade-off. I give away the farm to these entities that help me make money, connect with people I care about and shop for items that I need. In return, Facebook and Google know that I like Our Lady Peace, Sebastian Maniscalco and pizza. They know that I hate the doctors office and political banter from people who cannot tie their own shoes.

Now, comes facial recognition. This was in my Facebook news feed today. Notice that the default setting is ON.

I recently saw comedian Bill Burr (Facebook also knows that I love him, especially when he is on Conan O’Brien; they have a great rapport) recently discuss how he doesn’t trust technology.

“Why would you send your saliva in to the internet?”, he said, referring to “Why would you do that? Why don’t you just go to the illuminati and help them build your robot replacement?”

Your cameras are on. Your phones, TVs and Alexas are listening. Are you OK with it?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

To see the Bill Burr clip on Conan, click HERE.

P.S. Feel free to facially recognize this ALL day!

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