Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl

By February 18, 2014 Blog, General

gena&izzy Laurens wedding2-croppedThis post is a little personal to me. In fact, it is extremely personal. If you follow me on any or all of my social media accounts or are a regular to this blog (thank you, by the way), you know that when it comes to my personal life, I am pretty private. I use most of my accounts for business use and rarely mention or post about my family. You MAY know that I am married, even though my wife and I are not friends on Facebook. You may also recognize that I have kids but may not know whether they are girls or boys or what they look like. This is done by design, not because I am a bad or uninvolved father.

Today is different though. I spend a lot of time during the week working and focusing on things that are not going the way they should or that need my reactive attention “right away”. Sometimes the important things get set aside for a while and before I know it, another week has passed and my girls grow bigger. Today is different because it is my baby’s 6th birthday. In a couple of weeks, we will celebrate another birthday, just as special (and no, I am not talking about mine).

These girls are the best things that have ever happened to me. I hope that when I am gone, they can go back and read some of the things that I have left in my wake and get just a glimmer of my love for them. They keep me sane. When I pay attention, and sometimes it is hard with all of the demands in any given day, these little angels provide me with the solace and peace that I need in my life. When I come in the door and I hear “daaaaddddddyyyy!”, all of the sudden, nothing that happened on the outside is important anymore; even if just for a few minutes.

These girls are everything that a father asks for. I love their goofiness. I love their singing and dancing and the way that my oldest loves to eat. I love when they sleep in. I love their smell. I love the way that I see their mother in them. I love their WHOLE, ENTIRE existence and I wouldn’t change a day of for all the money in the world.

I remember an old fable I heard that is between a carpenter and one of his friends. The carpenter, before entering his house after a day of work stops quietly under the tree out front and touches the branches with both of his hands. Eventually, his friend asks him what that was all about and the carpenter replies: ‘Oh, that’s my problem tree,’ said the carpenter. ‘I know that I’m bound to have problems at work, but those problems are mine, not my wife’s or my children’s. So, when I get home, I hang all my problems on that tree. The next day, before leaving for work, I pick them up again. The oddest thing is, though, that when I come out in the morning to get them, some of them have gone, while others seem much heavier than they were the previous night.’

For my girls, I am going to make more of an effort to use that problem tree. I need time to slow down. They are getting too big, too fast; and I need to pay more attention.

Happy birthday to both of my heroes. You make EVERY day worth waking up to. Daddy loves you!

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