Happy Birthday, Dad

By November 6, 2013 General

20130615_192024Yesterday, my dad would have been 63 years old. Unfortunately, he died in 1995 at the “ripe old” age of 44.

On days like this, I reflect on his life and what he would have been like today. If you have read some of my pieces on my dad before, you probably know a little about my feelings and admiration for him. You might also surmise that he was the kind of man that deserves much more love and public recognition than I bestow upon him.

I envision what kind of father-in-law and grandfather he would have been. I reflect on the level of crazy goofiness that he would be displaying on a day by day basis, especially if he was a cancer survivor. He had a vigor for life BEFORE he got sick. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if he had beaten cancer. It would have been epic.

When I think about him, I think about how no day is ever promised. I think about how stupid it would be to squander a second of happiness for something that ultimately might not matter tomorrow. I am smiling. Thank you, Dad. Happy birthday, I love you.


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  • Dave S says:

    Happy Birthday Gene Sr..

  • uncle t says:

    He was a great husband to my sister, A great Father for his children, a hard worker and a great brother-in-law. To sum it up he was a great man taken to early . He is now an Angel with your Mom and the rest of the Gang. I am sure they are looking down on all of you with great pride. Happy Birthday Gene

  • Mike Wellock says:

    Hope the family is doing well.
    I had the pleasure of working with your Dad at Ladder 24. Gene crossed the floor in ’85 and came to the Ladder on the “B” after working E.41/A for about 5 years. We knew before he transferred over that he would be a great guy to have on the Truck because he’d been in the station for at least 6 or 7 years. He was one happy guy. Loved the ‘job’ and was good at it. Ballsy, smart and aggressive. Couldn’t ask for a better man as your backup/sidekick. His biggest joy was his family….Lorraine and the kids. He was proud as hell of you guys and would talk/brag about you all the time. We had good times around the station and on the firegrounds. Can still picture him and John Hail strutting around the station doing their “Hans and Franz” routine. They’d come in after working out at the gym, flex a bit, clap their hands together and say “We want to….pump you up”. Good times. Good man. God Bless.

    Mike Wellock

  • Toni DeAngelis says:

    Gene I can’t describe how I feel about your family the only way to sum it up is that you truly are my family I remember all too well watching your dads last days unfold and your sisters at my house in tears .i remember looking up thinking here’s a man who is there for everything his kids do with a video camera to capture every moment and now he’s not going to be able to be there for them , how can god do this ! But now when I see what an impact those short years made what an incredible family he produced I know that god knew that’s all the time he needed to show you all the way to live to live each other and to love life and to cherish every moment . When your mom died again I felt god how can you do this why these amazing people and why so young then at the funeral looking at all of you together tightly holding on taking care of each other I knew she too was done her job she stayed long enough to take you the rest of the way and now she can be with him because you are now able to take it from here .The thing for me is the very things that made me lose faith in god are exactly what makes me believe that there really is a master plan and all of you sweet Volpes are proof of that !!!! Love u all , Toni

  • Betty Solley says:

    Just beautiful, Gene! Your Dad would be so proud of you and his wonderful family! Big Hugs.

  • Kenneth W. Krauss says:

    Gene, Worked with your Dad at E.41/L.24B, and enjoyed his sense of humor and positive attitude about the job and life in general. We were a close nit platoon and a part of each of us went with him. You were lucky to have him for a Dad and he was also lucky to all of you. Hope everything is going well for everyone. Ken Krauss

  • Tom Tait says:

    Great sentiment for a great guy. I miss him and your mom a lot

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