Happy Mother’s Day: Lorraine and the Daffodils

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Ma DoozMa DoozMa DoozHappy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women out there! You are truly what makes the world go ’round. I usually write a little something every year about my Mom on her birthday and Mother’s Day. This year, I am letting someone else write it. Aunt Marge was one of Mom’s best friends. She recently sent my sister this email about my mother. I thought it was appropriate for today.
But before we get to that, I just wanted to recognize some of the other most important women in my life: my wife, my mother-in-law (Luci) and grandmother-in-law (Theresa). Without the three of you, I really don’t know what I would do. Your love, faith and support is second to none and things I would never be able to repay ANY of you for. Thank you for always being there.
And now…….
Lorraine and the Daffodils

I was walking Sparkles the other day and thought about this story when I saw the daffodils coming up.  Don’t know if you ever heard it but thought I’d share.

Several years ago, Lorraine (my mother), Maureen and I had gone out to dinner and of course Lorraine and I had several brewskis.  When Lorraine drove me back to my Mom’s place at Granite Farms, I noticed that the daffodils were coming up so I asked her to drive around Granite Farms so I could pick the flowers and make my Mom a bouquet. So here we are riding around this senior citizen facility with Lorraine shining her headlights and me picking flowers in the dark.  We felt like two little naughty kids.  When I went in, I smuggled the daffodils under my coat to avoid the CCTV camera.  My Mom was absolutely thrilled with them but, of course, she didn’t know where they came from.

The next day Eric and I thought we would play a joke on Lorraine so I had him call and tell her that he was with the Media police and they had us on camera stealing daffodils. It took her about 10 seconds to tell Eric that she knew it was him. The 410 area code gave him away.  She was so smart!  She was always up for ANYTHING as long as it was fun.

So now every Spring when I see daffodils, it makes me laugh.  She was always my partner in crime!!


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