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By December 14, 2016 Blog, General

Here is a regular reminder of things that went on last week that you may or may not have heard about. Just about everything is fair game, but I mostly concentrate on business and marketing related articles, materials and interesting nuggets. I also add my own take on it so that you can quickly determine if you want to read it.

This week’s theme revolves around our shrinking attention span. Enjoy and feel free to share.

Pre-Order: Pocket Tripod PRO | DailyDOT
My Take: This is a TOOL alert. Though only in pre-order, this looks really cool. The size of a credit card, when you unfold it it holds your phone for better videos. I ordered mine tonight, but obviously, I haven’t physically seen it yet. Worth a $20 risk.

Instagram finally lets users disable comments | CNN Tech
My Take: Instagram will soon allow you to turn off comments before you post a picture to your account. Personally, I don’t care. I believe that ANY interaction is good. It is all in the way that you handle it.

Amazon revolutionizing how people buy groceries | CNBC
My Take: The world is changing folks. Just like the stat of the week below, people have less time (and tolerance) for waiting for anything, even grocery store lines. The convenience excites me, but I can assure you that this will be a game changer. Including for the job force.

Snapchat makes biggest move yet in becoming the new TV | Mashable
My Take: Last year, Twitter made a deal with the NFL to stream some games LIVE right from the Twitter feed. Now, Snap strokes a deal with Turner to stream more TV content right thru the SNAP app. Why do I even own a TV anymore?

STAT OF THE WEEK: The average time of a human’s attention span is 8.25 seconds according to some 2015 studies. HINT: It won’t be getting longer.

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