In Case You Missed It…..Dec 5th

By December 6, 2016 Blog, General

Here is a regular reminder of things that went on last week that you may or may not have heard about. Just about everything is fair game, but I mostly concentrate on business and marketing related articles, materials and interesting nuggets. I also add my own take on it so that you can quickly determine if you want to read it.

Enjoy and feel free to share.

You Can Now Go Live With Instagram Stories | WIRED
My Take: Well, not quite. the live feature is not quite ready yet, but should be rolling out soon.

Facebook Video Closed Captioning | Instapage
My Take: With so many people watching videos in places that they cannot have sound turned up/on, closed captioning is a great way to capture and keep viewers’ attention, Facebook made it a little easier.

5 Tricks to Maximize Your Reach on Facebook | Social Media Today
My Take: Some quick ideas for getting the most exposure on your Facebook page. Simple tricks like

Can Snapchat be marketer friendly? | Marketing Dive
My Take: A quick article detailing the challenges that marketers have with Snap. A lot of people have asked how to market there and this hits a couple of good points.

STAT OF THE WEEK: Facebook videos are 135% more likely to be viewed than photos according to Social Media Today


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