Is Google Manipulating Search Engine Results for the Election?

By June 10, 2016 Blog, General

First let me say that this post is in NO WAY a statement on my preference for a political candidate in any way. Any inference you make to which side of the aisle I lean is purely your speculation and more than likely way off.

That said, as a marketing professional, there are some news stories that transcend, but may include, racial, political and religious slants. This is one of them.

I came across this video in my Facebook news feed and was staggered by it. Now, it may be completely untrue and is certainly speculative. However, some of the data is compelling and deserves to be, at the least, discussed in an open forum.

I rely pretty solely on Google for my information when I randomly search for news, items, tools, services, clothes……etc., etc. Without thinking twice about the validity of the results of my search or the order that it is served to me in, I search and pretty much take for granted that what the GREAT Google gives me, is accurate. I search no more or use no other engines (Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

This video scares me because it just reminds me that the information that I consume is dictated to me by someone or some people that I know nothing of, including what their political beliefs are or who is paying them to hide information that I should know about.

That ends today. From here on out, I will research information a little more thoroughly, including using other search utilities. As Matt Lieberman says in the video, “search everywhere for information. Arm yourselves.” I know I will.

Click for the video below and please come back to leave comments.

google search

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  • john hewitt says:

    Google denies but fails completely to provide any acceptable explanation for the clearly observed effects.
    The results speak for themselves.

    I would imagine one of Google’s first orders of business, and for that matter Facebook’s, (who similarly adds the same bias to their own content trends as does Googe its queries), considering their origins as ‘PageRank’ and as a who’s hot and who’s not ranking system, was the trivial creation of a ‘desireability’ index where each on its network is giving a rating

    • genevolpe says:

      I agree with your assertion, Mr. Hewitt. It just scares me to think how “normal” it has become to allow the ratings to drive and influence both the news and people’s beliefs.

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