My Take on the McGregor-Mayweather Mega Fight

By August 26, 2017 Blog, Events, General

So, as most of the world knows, tonight is the super mega fight between boxer Floyd Mayweather and MMA loudmouth Conor McGregor.

Stay tuned at the end of this blog for my prediction, but I was driving today and thinking about the enormity of this spectacle and how much money is going to be made. I feel compelled to write this blog post simply because of the marketing aspect of what is about to happen. If you’ve been paying attention to anything in the last couple of weeks or months, you may recognize that this is the single greatest marketing effort ever pulled off in sports. Let me just give you some of the numbers.

Floyd Mayweather stands to make 100 million dollars (on just the fight!!!) with McGregor following at 75 million dollars. reports that pay-per-view revenue could come in between 700 million and 1 billion dollars. None of these numbers include the merchandise that both fighters are going to make money from. Floyd Mayweather has $700 signed gloves, and $600 signed boxing trunks. You can get Conor McGregor’s discounted autograph on his gloves for a mere $450.

So what’s the point, you ask. The point is that if you put together different polar elements and then try to capitalize on it, millions and sometimes billions of dollars can be made with the right ingredients. Dana White (the owner of the UFC) orchestrated this from the start. If you followed any of the press conferences and weigh-ins, you know that these two had to be in cahoots from day one. There’s no way any boxer allows anyone else to rub his bald head in the middle of a press conference and a brawl not break out. I give these two a ton of credit for being able to come together at the table and orchestrate a perfect storm of marketing. Both will reap huge┬ábenefits.

As a marketer, I’m intrigued and frankly amazed at how two of these figures pulled this off. Take two huge personalities, sprinkle in a mix of racism, sports, pride of nationality, brute force and some marketing dollars and you have yourself a marketing juggernaut. Kudos to everyone involved. This is a $3 BILLION DOLLAR (no, you read that right) business started from the ground up in just a couple of months. Pretty amazing.

There have been plenty of boxing matches in MMA fights that were big and on pay-per-view. I’ve never really felt compelled or as compelled to actually get out my checkbook and watch a fight like I do tonight. This spectacle is going to be one of the biggest things that you have ever seen on live television. The marketing has made that so. The way they brought these two worlds together with so much excitement and polarity, makes me think that this could be an event that changes the way sports are viewed moving forward. I just hope that it’s not because it’s such a spectacle and embarrassing that nobody ever wants to watch either sport again.

My prediction, is that McGregor somehow outlasts Mayweather. I think that Mayweather might show small signs of aging (he’s 40, McGregor is 29) and the fact that McGregor’s a southpaw might throw him off as it has in the past. McGregor has nothing to lose. I think McGregor’s going to catch him with a lucky shot in the sixth and KO him for his first loss ever.

Think I’m crazy? Just think about this aspect of it. Imagine the money that will be pulled in on the second and third go-rounds if McGregor is able to pull one of these fights off. This “franchise” has the ability to pull in over three billion dollars in total over the next two to three years. Take that one to the bank with you.

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