Paleo Challenge Update – Day 7

By January 8, 2014 General, Video Blog

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  • Carla Welsh says:

    Hi this is Carla, Brian W’s wife… friend me on FB and we can chat… i know all the outs and ins of this diet and from what I see hardly anyone does it right… and, what it severely lacks is iron, C, thiamin, riboflavin, and calcium if you don’t do it right. You do needs carbs for fuel for the brain before you work out… like, eat a sweet potato before you work out. Plus there is good chance of dehydration and loss of electrolytes if you don’t do it right. ALso, all the phytic acid from the high intake of spinach and kale actually binds magnesium and zinc making it less available for the body to absorb. In theory, this is a great diet… but I really think it is important to not get rid of dairy products (but I only will use organic milk, cheeses, butter without growth hormone. If you want to be straight paleo I highly encourage you to eat liver at least once per week for and drink bone broth every other day at least… PS. bone broth great for joint pain. I have found that boiling and eating the vegetables is better sometimes than raw. The other thing…. too much protein is harmful to the kidneys so you will want to watch that. Basically, a true paleo diet is one that is diverse, in season, and fresh whole foods. Like, picture a caveman living in canada. WOuld that caveman eat the same diet than say a caveman living in the mediterranean? No, each diet would be different, and they would eat what would be available to them as each season changes. Let me know if you have any questions… I think paleo is safe as a cleanse to do weak or two but any longer than that I really would not recommend… I do however highly recommend eating tons of vegetables, a handful of nuts a day, 2-3 servings fruit per day, organic dairy without growth hormone every day, and 1-2 servings lean meat or wild salmon a day, some enriched white rice or brown rice and bread is fine like every other day as long as it doesn’t have HFCS in it… basically you want to pick things that have a good glucose to fructose ratio and stay away from things with preservatives or additives or food coloring and don’t eat anything that ends with an “-ose”. Avoid vegetable oil. Extra virgin olive oil is great!!! Coconut aminos is great, and so is virgin unrefined coconut oil. Egg whites… you can have as much as you want but the egg yolk only have one yolk per day. Pork is a good source of thiamin. THis is what i have to say… the sluggish feeling in the morning is from not enough carbs…. eat something with carbs to give you energy… it doesn’t have to be a grain… the wanting to chew gum… that is because you could be having a dry mouth from increased protein intake or needing a habit while body is withdrawaling from crappy food you maybe were used to eating…. the tired look in the face… you need calcium…. also, you need to absorb 20 minutes of sunlight through your eyes every day to keep vitamin D levels consistent. My fave breakfast to start out the day is my mush… I boil one sweet potato and one head broccoli, mush it up, put in 1 TBSP butter or ghee, sea salt… then on the side I have 3 egg whites and 1 egg yolk sunny side up and with mediterranean sea salt and organic black pepper… put that on top, and delicious!!!! Yum!

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