Paleo Update – Day: Oh God I Can’t Count That High and I’m Soooo Hungry

By February 27, 2014 Blog, General, Video Blog

genevolpe kipping pullups crossfit paleo challengeHa! That title was a little bit of a stretch, though not entirely. I am about 58 days in (minus the cheat days, of course) into this life altering exercise and things are good. I am excited about a couple of things…..

1) I have really started to look at what I eat and it not only has made me feel better, but I am healthier for it, stronger for it and committed.

2) I am stronger and more focused.

3) I accomplished something I set out to do.

4) I have hit another couple of goals. Probably not major to most of you reading this, but one of those goals was to string a couple of kipping pull-ups together (see video below). I am certainly not as fluid as I will be, but I did it! Big step for me.

5) It’s almost over.

OK, that last one is a stretch, but man, am I looking for some heavy, thick beer a Lee’s Imperial Hoagie and Wendy’s french fries. I am going to wreck those three things like a pack of wolves that haven’t eaten in 6 years. I might even hold an event to allow you to watch that happen and charge for tickets. It will be a sight to see.

I digress. As you know, this whole exercise and diet makeover has changed a lot of things for me. I am better for it. I feel more powerful (in almost every aspect of my life) than I have since I was a punk senior in high school.

That said, I am glad it is almost over. So I can cheat and eat. So I can start this whole journey all over again and hit some new goals. It is small progress, but progress nonetheless. Seize the day.

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