The New Playground Is Online – Is Your Child Equipped?

By August 11, 2018 Blog, General

Facebook, Google and many other companies have come under fire for doing the exact thing that YOU agreed that they could do with your information (remember the terms of agreement that you OK’d when you signed up and DIDN’T read?). There has been a huge backlash about these (and other) major online companies harvesting, using and selling your data, personal information and habits.

Thru all of this, there have been multiple avenues presented that allow parents to keep a better eye on our online children, from day-to-day. The tools are countless, if you know what to do and what you should be looking for. If the technology overwhelms you, fret not. Raising good children and making them understand what ACTUALLY happens when someone else reads their posts online is a great first start, that anyone can employ with their children. Josh Shipp ( makes multiple good point in this video, but the one that really stands out is how your child’s online profile will someday be used to approved them for college, jobs and maybe even the hockey team.

Take a couple minutes and watch this video.

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