Want to See My Snatch?

By November 26, 2013 General

Do I have your attention, now? Good.

Today at Crossfit, I completed a “staple” called Isabel. I am proud of the fact that I completed it simply because I almost talked myself out of it last night. When I looked at the workout of the day (WOD), I thought “I’ll never be able to do that.” Well, I did.

One of the trainers (Ryan Holloway) coached me thru it and took this video (below). It is only 45 seconds long, but I post it for a couple of reasons.

1) Because I did it and this is proof (hate on, haters).

2) You will hear some of the “coaching” that you get at a good Crossfit box. I wanted to spotlight what these guys do for me.

3) Frankly, I am proud of myself.

A year ago, I was 35 pounds heavier and married to my couch. Today, I “snatched” 85 pounds thirty times in 7 minutes and 10 seconds.

Please note: for all you form technicians, I know that my form could use some tweaks, but it is much better than it was just a week ago. Also, the video is reps 26, 27, 28 and 29 after 28 front squats and 52 back squats. Let’s say I was tired 😉

To Your Progress.
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